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Located a few meters to the beach, Pond Inlet Hotel provides beautiful vistas of sunrise and sunset when summer kicks in. In winter, our guests will experience the beauty of winter activities in Virginia. We offer serenity and calmness making guests feel they are home away from their homes. The fun of outdoor adventures and the beauty of the area make us your haven for Virginia visitors. Whether you visit Virginia for it cultural events, the artisans, or the landmarks, you can always come back to the warmth Pond Inlet Hotel.

At Pond Inlet, we offer a presidential dining experience where great meals meet unrestricted hospitality. Virginia offers adventure and we offer you the comfort you need to explore it.


Regardless of the special occasion, we will treat you and your family of your travel group to a warm and cozy welcome. We have well-appointed guestrooms where guests will enjoy sophisticated bar, eateries, and premium amenities all at affordable rates.

There are different types of rooms from single-occupant to double and presidential rooms. You can also bring your business meeting or community event to our facility.

Dining at the Hotel

Enjoy a dining experience like no other in our:

  • Kitchen and Eatery where we serve upscale cusisine
  • Bar and Grill where you can enjoy local and international music, games, and casual dining
  • Café for when you need a quick bite with hot coffee

Every once in a while, there are events and festivals taking place in the hotel and you can be part of the events if you are lucky. Our menus have a long list of local and national meals with so many international cuisines available on request.

What Our Costumers Say

“I visited Virginia for the first time in 2019. During my visit, I stayed at the Pond Inlet Hotel for a week and I loved the hospitality and friendliness of the staff. My room had a beautiful view of the beach and every day, I would set by the window and relish the beauty of the area.”

Edward P. Harris

Edward P. Harris

Top Reviews

“I have stayed in so many hotels but Pond Inlet Hotel offers more comfort than I though was available in Virginia. The coziness of the rooms, the many amenities available, and the premium room service made the hotel a favorite for me. Plus, its location means I can explore many attractions with ease. I am definitely coming back to the hotel the next time I am in Virginia.”

Chris S. Stephens

Influencer, Traveler

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