Best Hotel Amenities According to Coffee Lovers

If you’re a coffee lover, you’d probably like your hotel getaway or local staycation to include the aroma of a fresh morning brew in more ways than one Luckily, there are a number of ways you can make the most of your coffee obsession during a luxurious vacation, so you feel relaxed, refreshed, and pampered. Here are some of the best hotel amenities, according to coffee lovers, including what to look for when you book your next trip.

#1: Unlimited Coffee
Ever arrive at a hotel and get disappointed by the two measly cups of coffee you’re allowed in your room? Look for a spot with high-quality unlimited coffee in both your room and in the downstairs pantry, lobby or lounge, so you can relax with a cup in the morning over your newspaper or enjoy a hot mug of Java during a quiet afternoon. Some hotels will even greet you at the door with a fresh, steaming cup, making for an inviting and welcoming entrance. An entire coffee maker or in-room Keurig (for a perfect, low-maintenance cup of coffee right away!) makes for a better impression and a more enjoyable, sippable drink with a classy feel, rather than the usual instant coffee with hot water. Don’t be afraid to ask about the quality and amount of coffee when you book your room, and how it is delivered. This is your time Take advantage of it!

#2: Coffee Shop
A coffee shop makes for a fun chat with friends and a wonderful guest experience at a hotel. Nothing beats the luxury of enjoying time at a cafe, lingering over coffee and pastries for hours, deep in conversation. It also makes your hotel experience more deeply personal and relaxing. Look for hotels with in-house coffee shops or cafes for a truly European experience. Free coffee in the lobby is wonderful, but sometimes you’d like a more full-service cafĂ© where treats are served with a smile.

#3: Coffee Massage
What can be better than that delicious coffee smell? What if you were able to smell like coffee yourself and even bathe and relax in the inviting fragrance? A scrub and massage with coarse or semi-coarse coffee grounds is a true treat and the ultimate in full body pampering; that’s why I got this one at a recent stay, followed by a fresh, hot cup of coffee. If your hotel has a day spa, look for any coffee-related scrubs, treatments, or services.

#4: Coffee Flavored Desserts
Mocha, cappuccino, caramel macchiato, and coffee liqueur There are so many delicious, aromatic flavors associated with coffee that you can look for in the drinks and desserts at your hotel during a staycation or long getaway. Some of the best coffee-related recipes are chocolate cappuccino cheesecake, tiramisu, mocha hazelnut chiffon cake, and coffee pannacotta, among many other eye-opening sweet possibilities. Popular coffee-inspired or infused cocktails include the Gort’s Reprieve Irish Coffee, Dublin iced coffee, and the Siciliano. If you want to enjoy coffee flavors in new ways, try them in alcoholic beverages.

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