Pingpong-Themed Hotel

Themed hotel rooms bring your biggest fantasy to live. They give your guest a chance to get into character based on the environment surrounding them. In the modern world, people love exploring amazing experiences and always want them in their hotel rooms afterward. What could do better than that amazing design that ignites the personal interest within the individual?

Talking about hotel themes here is an amazing design that you must explore. The ping pong hotel theme has a lot to offer. It is meant for ping pong lovers, giving them a chance to rest in the comfort of their favorite game. How amazing is that? You just made someone’s day. Let’s have a look at how to get started with this amazing theme.

Designing a ping pong hotel theme It all begins with the simple step, research. You may be well versed with ping pong, but you do know what it takes to make your hotel room stand out? Research gives you a wide range of things to choose from Based on your basic knowledge of the game you may have a clue as to what the game entails. But do you know all about it? When looking for the best design, you can start with the walls. How could a ping-pong themed hotel room lack amazing pictures of the game? You need something to bring out the clear picture. Various portraits of amazing gamers all over the world will spice up the room, instead of putting up car or flowers pictures.

You can also have a look at the amazing table tennis tables. Instead of a normal table, you can equip the room with a table tennis table with some balls and paddles. To make the theme more clear to your guests. The seats in the room should also match them. You can opt for the same color as the table tennis table with strips of the color matching the ball and paddles or something better. You can also put up an area where they practice playing and improve to have a nice grip.

The trick is to make everything relate to ping-pong. In this case, the caps can do well resembling the tennis balls on the table. They don’t have to be small as the ball, have them large enough as normal cups, with handle, but round as the ball with a flat base. A 3D designer will provide you with the best image of your design before having them made.

As for the plates, you can amaze your guest with a unique design that will have them asking for more. How about paddle-shaped plates? Having them astonished is one solution to grasping their attention. This plates will grab their attention immediately, as they take their meal. Making them eager for what comes next.

Your guests may be preparing for a game the next day, a proper rest will uplift their spirits and have them psyched up for the event before them. You can have them rest on amazing designed table tennis sheets. Not only will the sheets work well for the guests but also suit the room perfectly. Changing the overall appearance of the hotel room since the bed covers most of the space. Don’t forget to include an amazing tennis carpet. Instead of the normal carpet.

You can have a tennis inclined carpet at the hotel doorstep. To welcome that tennis fun into his sanctuary. It’s all about making your design stand out from the rest. More spending saves you a lot and is worth it at the end of the day. Make your hotel room theme stand out and fill your guests with amazing memories. A reason to come back for more.

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