Marketing Strategies That Can Help Hotels Stand Out Online

Are you looking to outclass your competitors? Well, the competition out there is supper stiff, but with the right strategy, you’ll surely make it to the top and get your hotel stand out online. Currently, there are over 54, 200 hotels in the US alone. That makes making your way to the top a bit complicated. That shouldn’t scare you anyway, in this quick guide, we show you the 5 marketing concepts to choose from They’re very easy to implement. Read on:

  1. Get your hotel a professional website. Did you know that 90 percent of guests who visit hotels/restaurants do online research before selecting a place to dine in? Well, out of this number, 57 percent will firstly review your website before choosing whether to visit your hotel or find somewhere else. Here’s where the professional website also comes in It will help your prospects learn more about your business, something which will help you convert more leads. For more success, be sure to optimize your website for mobile phones too.
  2. Optimize your site for SEO. Any expert online marketer will tell you that SEO is the backbone for any successful online marketing campaign. It makes it easy for your prospects to find you when they search for the services you offer online. To rank higher on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), here are a few hacks you could exploit;
    Keyword research. there are both free and paid keyword research tools you can use to find the phrases commonly used by your audience in online research. These tools will also help you find long-tail keywords that will help you outrank competitors.
    Value rich content. Google and other major search engines provide preferential treatments to web contents with more value. Be sure to only post highly engaging contents on your blog.
    Local SEO, aspects like Google My Business (GMB), and Google maps, etc. will also make you easy to find when prospects near you search for food products/services they could find in your hotel.
  3. Reviews and recommendations. Studies show that online reviews impact consumer purchase decisions by over 90 percent. The reviews here work by helping you build solid proof, boost your customers’ trust, and also provide you with a direct connection to new clients.
    After excellent service, be sure to request the client for a short review. Sixty-eight percent of your customers will leave a review if you ask for it
  4. Influencer Marketing. Influencer marketing is a relatively common trend in today’s marketing culture. Here, you can use celebrities to help you create TV commercials, promos, and Vlogs, etc. to promote your business. By using a celebrity, you’ll be building brand equity, something which will be critical in helping you stage a strong brand dominance in the hotel industry.
  5. Social media marketing—Promote in different social media platforms As per the first quarter of 2019, there are over 34 billion social media users. According to this study, 71 percent of social media users who get good social media user experience (OX) from a brand will recommend it to others. This may be critical for you if you’re looking to increase brand engagement and acquire new users. For more success with social media marketing, be sure to post engaging contents but don’t over-promote yourself. Grab your audience’s attention using high-quality visual contents and be quick to address their problems.

    Bottom Line While online marketing is a highly profitable strategy, it can also be a very dirty game. One mistake and you can be out of the competition.

    In aspects like SEO, Social media marketing, and online reviews, etc, try not to fall on the wrong side. One negative review or SE0 mistake can send three-quarters of your investments to the drains.

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