Eating at the Pond Inlet Hotel Restaurant

The best restaurant in Pond Inlet Hotel? The Pond Inlet Restaurant! There are many different meals to choose from, and the food is so good. You’ll be sure to love it here. From burgers and fries, to tacos and sandwiches this place has a little bit of everything for everyone. So come on down to the Pond Inlet Restaurant where you can have a great meal with an amazing view of our beautiful pond!

The Pond inlet hotel is a great place to stay

The people there are very friendly and the hotel has a great restaurant if you’re looking to eat out or just for drinks at their bar. The rooms are very nice and the hotel is in a great location. The Pond inlet hotel is a cozy place to stay. With their outdoor pool and proximity to the beach, it’s easy for guests at The Pond inlets Hotel not only to enjoy themselves but also to get some much-needed relaxation!

The Pond Inlet hotel has a nice restaurant

It has an amazing restaurant that offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner  It has a very nice outdoor dining area that is great for just lounging around with friends or family. The food at the Pond Inlet hotel is really good, and I loved their french toast! It was so tasty. I would definitely recommend eating here if you are ever in the pond inlet.

The Pond Inlet hotel is a great place to stay when you’re visiting the area. There are plenty of amenities and tasty food at their restaurant, which has been recognized for its high quality by locals as well as! tourists. The downstairs lounge area is inviting with its warm colors and cozy feel while you’re waiting in line at the bar or reading your favorite magazine before your meal arrives!

They have a wide variety of food on the menu for all tastes

You can even get an appetizer that includes raw fish, cooked seafood, or caribou meat to try all the delicious flavors they have on their menu! They offer great grilled foods made with the best offset smokers, renowned for flavor and smoke and the enhanced taste it brings to food. Let’s not forget the gas griller that’s also great for backyard cooking which helps to ensure that every diner at the Pond Inlet Hotel restaurant enjoys every bit of money spent there.

The restaurant has a nice atmosphere with the ability to take your picture in front of an amazing backdrop

The Pond Inlet Hotel is located right on top of the hill overlooking Pond Inlet, so you can get one of the best views while eating at their restaurant. The hotel also provides rooms for people who are traveling and need somewhere to stay overnight or a few nights.

All dishes are made with fresh ingredients from local farmers

The Pond Inlet Hotel restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner in its casual dining room overlooking Frobisher Bay with spectacular views of tall icebergs drifting by on their annual migration south from Baffin Island. Our chefs prepare locally sourced seafood, traditional Canadian cuisine, and platters to please the most discriminating palate.

All dishes are made with fresh ingredients from local farmers, which makes them taste better than anything you can get at your favorite chain restaurant. You’re not just about flavor when it comes time for dinner; we also have plenty on offer that will keep your stomach full with something healthy or indulgent- all made fresh by our friendly chefs using only high-quality ingredients straight from around here.


The atmosphere is very welcoming and homey feeling

In the summer they have a patio area where you can sit outside and enjoy the fresh air.

The menu is quite extensive with many items to choose from, but also catering for those special dietary needs such as gluten-free or vegetarian options. The food quality is excellent and it has become a favorite choice of mine when I visit Pond Inlet.

As for the restaurant’s location, it is conveniently located downtown on main street Pond Inlet. They also have a public washroom available which is pretty rare in most restaurants or buildings these days.

Finally, You can take a walk along their waterfront or enjoy time at their outdoor fireplace area while sitting next to the pond to enjoy the view. If you are feeling adventurous, there is a chance to see some wildlife too! I hope you enjoyed this blog post about the Pond Inlet Hotel Restaurant. If you are considering a trip to Pond Inlet, please be sure to include time for some delicious food at the hotel restaurant!

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