About Us

About Our Founder

Brian H. Davis is a foodie. He loves exploring new foods, new recipes, and new combinations. In his bucket list are cuisines that he is yet to try. His love for food led him to start a small local restaurant before founded Pond Inlet Hotel. With a degree in hospitality, Davis understands the intricate details of the hospitality industry and this helps him run the hotel in an efficient manner. For close to two decades, Davis has offered hospitality services in Virginia. According to him, he seeks to create an experience through good food and exemplary hospitality service. May be you will meet him on your next stay at the Pond Inlet Hotel.

Brian H. Davis


Mission And Vision

Our Mission

There is so much to explore in Virginia and our mission is to ensure you remain as comfortable as possible as you explore. We have warm meals, cozy beds, and beautiful vistas that give you the satisfaction of being in premium hotel. To do that, we plan to always improve our services. We have the goal to integrate technology in all our services to visitors enjoy convenience and efficiency. We also plan on enhancing the comfort of our guests.


To be the preferred destination for all guests in Virginia.