The Sauniq Hotel and Conference Centre
Pond Inlet, Nunavut


Pond Inlet,
Nunavut Canada

Pond Inlet is located on Eclipse Sound on the northern side of Baffin Island. Often called the “Jewel of the Baffin,” Pond Inlet is surrounded by beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife. This abundant and diverse selection of wildlife has made Pond Inlet a favorite hunting and fishing location for over 4,000 years.

Across the sound from Pond Inlet is the panoramic Bylot Island. Bylot Island has been a bird sanctuary for many years. It has recently become part of the Sirmilik National Park, one of three Canadian national parks created in 1999.

Arctic Scenery
Bylot Island across from Pond Inlet

Picturesque Eclipse Sound


Nestled in a panoramic mountainous setting on the North side of Baffin Island, The Inns North Sauniq Hotel is world renowned as host to many Pond Inlet travelers since 1968. The Sauniq Hotel has the most modern accommodations in Pond Inlet with 20 double-occupancy rooms. 

The Hotel grand opening 2009

Tununiq Sauniq Co-operative

The Inns North Sauniq Hotel is renowned for its hospitality and traditional cuisine the World over. The experienced staff are knowledgeable about the local tours, wildlife spotting and best hiking locations in the area. Our association with the local cooperative store and experienced outfitters will help guarantee that your stay in Pond Inlet is comfortable and warm.