Pond Inlet Hotel



The Sauniq Inn

The Sauniq Inns North Hotel is renowned for its hospitality and traditional Inuit cuisine the world over. Our experienced staff are knowledgeable about the local tours, wildlife spotting and best hiking locations in the area. Our associations with the local co-operative and experienced outfitters will help guarantee that your stay in Pond Inlet is comfortable and convenient.

Hotel features and services:

The Inuit have played host and helper to Arctic travelers for over 100 years. Experience Arctic hospitality at its best at the Sauniq Inns North Hotel. As members of the local co-operative, our experienced staff can easily arrange supplies, food and accommodations for your Arctic adventure.

  • coffee service
  • post office
  • cable television
  • in room phones
  • wireless internet
  • conference room
  • complimentary airport shuttle
  • vehicle rentals
  • rooms $250 CDN per person
  • traditional and Canadian cuisine
  • catering,

Icebergs Near Pond Inlet

The Conference Room

Bylot Island across Eclipse Sound

One of the cozy guest rooms

Pond Inlet Visitors Centre

The Sauniq Hotel’s Dining Room

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